About GameCrush

  • We are is now a worldwide in casual games development, distribution and innovation.

    GameCrush was founded in 2018. Its experience in the gaming arena. We are always exploring new games with creative and innovative ideas. It’s been fun ever since we started, and it’s going to be even more fun moving forward! Our vision is to go on top as a worldwide mobile games leader and innovator, and our mission is to reach high results and keep publishing top-playable games over time.

    Our vision on mobile phone games:

    Casual Games:

    Games that are lightweight, instantly playable, and infinitely replayable. Making them highly addictive and engaging.

    Lifestyle Games:

    Fun yet more complex games, sometimes with a female orientation, that combine deep progression with an elaborate and rich storyline. These games usually include a cultural events that create deeper engagement. We are work on fashion stylists, bakers, and many more.